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Meet the team

Caroline Pajewski
Caroline Pajewski
Sybille Linder

Owner/Director and Main Teacher at Recline Yoga Studio & School.  

Honoured to be bringing this wonderful training experience to you, how wonderful to be part of the  transformation people go though in their own yogic journey.
I started my own teaching journey in​ South India where I stayed for 6 months learning the art of Hatha and Astanga yoga.  I did  one-on-one training with two esteemed Indian Yogis, Santil and Ganesh, and did training from beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Level A & B. In 2011 I did a wonderful Vinyasa training which transformed my yoga practice and rekindled the yogic flame within.  2013 brought me to Thailand for more training, this time in Jnana Yoga, where I learned what it is to be in the presence of real unconditional love and compassion, which has made me grow even more in my own yoga practice, and gave me the tools to live yoga every day and grow ever closer to self-realization. 

Sybille Linder

Physiotherapist - Anatomy Teacher

I have worked as a physiotherapist since I graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2011. I love working with the human body and letting it teach me about life. I have explored other forms of healing like Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Face massage and continue to learn about important aspects of health like nutrition to give me a more holistic perspective about human wellness. I am passionate about fascia, the tissue in the body that connects us into a whole. To me, it forms the missing link between the mind and the body and can teach us not only how to heal pain but also how to live our best lives and thrive instead of just surviving. My yoga journey started in 2015 and has been boosted by great local teachers and on my travels to Europe, Bali and Thailand. I believe yoga can offer a beautiful holistic contribution to human wellness that few other philosophies can. I continue learning from everyone I meet on this journey to come closer to knowing myself and others and discovering life through the wonderful complexities of the human body.

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