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Nadine V.N

Wow, what an experience! J Coming into the YTT I thought I had an idea of what we would be required to do/would learn etc, but nothing can really prepare you for all the information that is shared with you. I loved Yoga to begin with, but now I understand it so much more. That feeling that you get when you finally arrive at home after a long stressful day…….that is Yoga for me now after the YTT.

I highly recommend the training to anyone who wants to understand, build more awareness and who just adores Yoga as a whole or needs a good base to start their teaching from. Caroline is a walking/talking Yoga Encyclopedia and is a wonderful, kind & understanding teacher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park. You will be busy, tired, tested mentally/emotionally & physically, but what you get out of it at the end of the day is worth it all.





I feel a huge transformation from this yoga teacher training, I came into the training not knowing if I actually wanted to teach yoga or if I just wanted to improve my own practice and now I feel really confident that I would want to teach yoga. I also feel like I came back to myself, like I have bloomed again. There was a big part of me that was missing, that I hadn’t come back to in a really long time and through the yoga practice, the meditation, the study of anatomy, the study of philosophy and just being in this environment I was able to connect with myself again and find wonder and gratitude for everything. I’ve found a place inside myself; and it is so free spirited and I’ve never felt safer, more loving, carefree, where I am nourished by just being myself.



Taking part in the 200-hour yoga teacher training course was such an incredible journey. I was often pushed out of my comfort zone and this was exactly what I needed.  Through the yoga’s teachers training I have learned that yoga is much more than just being flexible. It has taught me a complete new view on life and a new view on how I see myself. I met so many like-minded souls during my training. I will always cherish this (way too short) month for the rest of my life. This is only the beginning of a lifelong journey for me. Thank you Caroline for guiding us and always being there for us.

Nadine S

I walked into the course thinking I’m just going to learn how to run a nice yoga class... I learnt so much more! Yoga isn’t just about warriors and down dogs, it is about so much more. Through the course I was introduced to many more assets of yoga AND how to run a beautiful and balanced class. 



Caroline is one of the most loving, open and understanding teachers I have ever met. She made the difficult times so easy with her compassionate heart.
I will cherish the 200 hours spend with her and my fellow Yogi Teachers forever and will highly recommend Recline Yoga Studio with Caroline for personal practice or attending the YYT.


A magical sabbatical and time-out, which took me deep into myself and has left me feeling more connected, peaceful and compassionate.  This was one of the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding experiences I have had. I feel that I am not only a better teacher and yogi because of this journey but I know that I am a better and more loving being as well.

After practicing yoga for 12 or more years I was surprised how much more there was to learn and always will be. Caroline was a gentle yet powerful force, guiding us through the process with a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful energy. She made the training professional but also personal and we all united and grew together. I really like that Caroline presented us with a lot of traditional yoga practices and philosophy but also balanced it with views from other spiritual perspectives to show how they are all connected. The way the course was structured also stayed challenging and exciting, and then there were soft and gentle moments for us to melt into.

Definitely an important passage for me and I think anyone who not only wants to become a yoga teacher but also just to turn inwards and do deeper work.  

The studio is also a picturesque place with a wonderful feeling, and Swakopmund is a charming town for this kind of voyage.

I am grateful for all of it. I left feeling reinvigorated, healthy, strong and fit, and bursting at the seams with love, ready to share yoga and much more.


Being part of the Yoga Teachers Training group for 2017 has been one of the best investments I have made.  It was a beautiful exploration of my own yoga practice as well as of my body, mind and soul.  As I am not from Swakopmund, it was a perfect get-away to immerse myself completely in the experience of self-study on so many levels.  It took me deeper into myself and enriched me with a deeper love for myself and others, a calmer mind living with contentment in the moment, and a vibrant enthusiasm for what is yet to come!  

I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate teacher and for all the friends I've made along the way.

I am thrilled to start teaching and cannot wait to share everything I've learnt.


A month of new friends , new perceptions, new self discovery and a lot of confidence building for me personally. Caroline not only gave me an opportunity to be a part of this magical journey , she has also given us the best of her teaching ability, which i am and will forever be grateful for. This teacher training has given me the tools to live and mindfully teach everyone around me the Yogic ways of life. The tools to better my self , my self practice as well as the knowledge of how the body functions during yoga and every other normal, day to day human anatomy. The practical aspect of this course has been the most rewarding by far as i have gone from shaking and peeing in my boots to learning how to center, letting things be the way they should, the way they are, they way i have created them to be. I hope to use my experience and all i have learned from Caroline to teach Namibia's first Nude yoga free public class sooooooon.

I don't believe there is another Yoga teacher in Namibia offering this training that will do it quite like Caroline did. Her humble, dedicated ways will remain with me for as long as i live. Thank You Caroline and Recline Yoga Studio and School for the best days of my school days.


Thank you so much for such a valuable and enlightening 4 weeks.
You have been such an inspiration and I can honestly say without hesitation that your course has given me a whole new perspective and understanding of yoga.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


"For me this was much more than a Yoga Teachers Training course.  The actual Yoga Teachers Training in itself was excellent and of a very high quality , but more than that was the fact that I feel that we also underwent a spiritual journey together . I personally faced, and even conquered some of my darkest fears in this course,  and think that I have emerged,  in only a month,  as a stronger and more open human being. What I respect most about Caroline is that she does not compromise with the fact that Yoga is not just a discipline for our bodies,  but is primarily a technology for enabling the Spirit. She does not water down a tried and tested ancient tradition to pacify our Western sensibilities , but acts as a perfect conduit , without any kind of phoniness or hypocrisy , of a very rich and powerful stream of teachings, even while imparting them in a thoroughly modern way and environment. If you're looking to do a Yoga Teachers Training,  which is infused with an authentic Yogic spirit,  as well as get pushed to your maximum potential,  then this course is highly recommended.


Thank you so much Caroline for this amazing course! It exceeded all of my expectations. It has helped me not just in yoga but in life in general. Our course had helped me to gain confidence and also to believe in myself more - things which I'm sure will be trickling into all areas of my life. I now know how to sequence a class, how to come up with various different flows and feel much more confident in my ability to share with others. I look forward to deepening my home practice with all of the wonderful tools that you shared with us. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is in need of a life change - whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. This course has power to do just that! Caroline you held the space for us to all get to know ourselves more and to push our personal boundaries and face our fears, which in the end has made us each much better for it. It was a life changing month for me!

Thanks again and I look forward to returning to Namibia one day and joining your classes :) much love and namaste X X X




Recline Yoga Studio & School offers a great and comprehensive Beginners Yoga Teacher Training course, which covers

everything from beginners postures, meditation and breath awareness, and self- discovery to practical Teacher training.What makes the course stand out, is the practical yoga teacher training - where you practice your newly acquired yoga teaching skills on real yoga classes.

This course is fun and exciting; physically, emotionally and mentally -challenging, yet worth every minute.  Well designed

to set you on a path of self-discovery on all levels - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
I've walked away with quite a sense of accomplishment, growth and being  present in the moment.
A HUGE Thank you to Caroline - my Teacher, and also a  to my fellow students/yogi & yoginis - without whom, this

journey would not have been the same.




 "Meeting any new teacher and a new studio can be a somewhat daunting experience... I am pleased to say that in  meeting Caroline and the lovely ladies at Recline I put my concerns aside. It was simply a superb experience and I learned so much. Caroline's knowledge of all things yogic is really wonderful and she shares her wisdom with uncomplicated ease. Her classes are effortless too as she makes use of beautiful and inspiring flows. She covers Hatha, Nidra, philosophy, Yin, and Vinyasa which means there is certainly something for every level of yogi, beginner or advanced. Me? I know that perfect view will bring me back time and again.

Namaste Caroline and Recline."




"I'm loving the teachers training course! Wooweee, so much information, so much fun, a fabulous teacher and new yogi friends! Caroline, you are brilliant!"




"I had the pleasure and privilege to train with Caroline for the 200 hr YTT. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her winning personality and her extensive knowledge kept us going further than we could have imagined. I feel I have been given a solid foundation on which to start my own journey as a teacher, gained confidence in my practice and had a lot of fun along the way. Did I mention the beauty of the quaint studio overlooking the ocean? A once in a lifetime experience and friendships which will stay with me forever. :)"



Shelley Bosch 

 "Dhanyavada Caroline!

 Your friendliness and openness made you very approachable and made even the most inexperienced of students feel welcome and capable! I will cherish this experience forever. Namaste beautiful lady!

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